Welcome to markflanders.net
Mark and Marie

This is the public site for Mark Flanders, a freelance PHP and Flex Programmer.

You are viewing the website of an individual with disparate interests and skills. Mark is a 20 year sales management veteran, a 17 year lending expert and a 3 year old web programmer. Finding a common thread between these skillsets challenges Mark's friends as well as Mark himself. Many clients know Mark in one role or another, never realizing he is skilled in completely unrelated fields.

As a programmer Mark focuses on productivity tools and data organization systems. His ability to visualize and then organize complex sets of unfamiliar data have led to the successful creation of systems for businesses as diverse as Theatres, Realtors, Property Management companies, Insurance offices, Mortgage Companies, Construction Companies, and a Health Food Encyclopedia. Mark has also been a prolifc writer at times on Real Estate, Mortgages and Social Networking.

During his 20 years working with borrowers in both the Real Estate and the Automobile industries, Mark closed over 4000 loans. He previously worked for Olympic Northwest Mortgage in Washington State as a Commercial Loan Originator specializing in SBA and USDA Business & Industry financing.

Within this site you will find information on a variety of subjects. The content is as far-ranging as the interests of the the site's owner. Enjoy your visit and feel free to contact Mark with questions or inquiries about your internet needs.